Mobile Bar Packages

A Flexible Range of Mobile Bar Payment Packages Perfect for Any Occasion


We provide the full range of free mobile bar hire packages to suit all types of events, private parties, charity fundraisers, weddings and civil ceremonies.

As a company, we specialise in providing a fully equipped and professionally manned mobile bar for smaller gatherings of just 50 guests to medium sized events of up to 300 guests.

We gaurantee to save you money on mobile bar hire



What makes us really different, is we don’t charge for the hire or staffing of the mobile bar, and we have no minimum bar spend or penalty clause.

Because we don’t charge a fee for the hire of our mobile bar or for staffing it, you don’t need to pay us a deposit when booking. However, if your venue isn’t already licensed to serve and sell alcohol drinks, we will need to obtain for you a Temporary Event Notices (TEN). This is currently just £21, and we’ll handle everything with your local authority and police for you.

It doesn’t matter which mobile bar package you decide upon, you can rest assured our mobile bar hire drinks’ tariff is highly competitive. You can immediately download our current mobile hire drinks’ tariff here



Pay As You Go Mobile Bar Hire

This is where your guests will be paying for their own drinks on a cash basis or using credit/debit cards.

Account Mobile Bar Hire

At certain types of events, we’ve found people like to run a bar tab for a table or group throughout the event, and then settle their tabs at the end using either cash or debit/credit cards.

Part Paid & Part Cash Mobile Bar Hire

This is a great way to buy your guests their first few drinks, without having to worry about having to foot the entire event’s drinks bill. You set a budget for the maximum amount of money you want spend, and once this limit is reached, the bar will become a cash/card bar for the remainder of your event.

Paid Mobile Bar Hire

This is when you want your guests to have their drinks paid for throughout the event. During the planning stage, you let us know what type of drinks you want to include and how much you want to spend. Then during the event we’ll keep you regularly updated as to how much is left on your account.

Fixed Price Per Guest Mobile Bar Hire

We can provide you with a fixed price per guest service, were they’ll receive all the drinks they want throughout your event. The price per guest is dependent on the range of drinks you want to make available and whether this includes reception drinks and/or cocktails.

We will keep within your drinks budget

If you have any questions about our mobile bar hire packages or about our bar tariff, please give Louise a call on 0121 649 6280.